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Exchange Crypto for Real Estate

Do you have Cryptocurrency and want to convert it to real estate we can assist you. There is no personal information or source of cryptocurrency required. This is a private transaction.

We offer our service to production companies and high net worth media individuals, globally. Our service allows you to purchase property in the US with cryptocurrency through us. You can select the real estate or we can find and purchase real estate that meets your needs or real estate that turns a monthly profit. In some cases, real estate that we purchase on your behalf, we make changes and sell for a higher price than your purchase.

The process is simple. We accept your cryptocurrency such as bitcoin into our Coinbase Institutional Exchange account, we are on the exchange. We convert the crypto into cash and purchase the real estate on your behalf.

HP Productions Crypto to Real Estate

Steps To Exchange Crypto for Real Estate



Complete the below application. 


Accept Terms & Submit

Complete your application, accept terms and submit. We will email you with instructions to completed your requested service.


Complete Instructions on Email

Following the instructions on the email we send you to complete your service transaction. 

Cryptocurrency Services

Hell's Poker LLC provides private crypto services. 

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Property Address
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Crypto Real Estate Terms  

Current Terms of Service

Crypto to Real Estate Terms.
Real Estate Buyers partner with HP Productions (this keeps the transaction internal and private); HP Productions is not a broker or financial company or service provider.
Crypto holder (real estate buyer) completes the online form and agrees to the terms as found herein. The online application form contains all of the required information for HP Productions to be able to convert the buyers crypto in cash, that cash is then used to purchase any and all types of real estate within the United States. * May negotiate purchase of real estate outside the US.
Real estate can be held in the buyer’s name, an LLC or Inc company, without disclosing the buyers identity with HP Productions as their registered agent.
Buyer can watch the process in real time on the blockchain and property purchase through closing escrow.
We handle all real estate purchase requirements, locating, offer, setting up escrow, title report, inspections, and closings to include any special filings.
At the direction of the buyer we will set up a new company with banking if required on behalf of the buyer for ownership of the property.
We may assist with property management, rental payments, renovations, re-sale and any and all other services that the buyer/owner requires for a fee.
Fee for service is negotiable, starting at 1.5% up to 10%.
All deposits are 100% refundable.
There is no fine print, these are all the terms of the application and service. HP Productions is not a real estate agent, seller, finance company.  All services governed by the laws of the country and state the property is in. 

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