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Steps To Obtain HP Direct Production Loan

Direct Production Loan


Apply for a Direct Production Account

Apply for a Direct HP Production Account - Direct Production loan are non-recourse, non qualifying production loans. Security is provided through Production Insurance you purchase to obtain the loan. Loan fees are taken out of the loan proceeds. Direct Production Loan amounts are based upon the amount of production insurance purchased. 


How to Apply for a Direct Production Loan

Fill out the Direct Production Loan Application Below, make your Direct Production Loan Insurance Deposit. Once direct production loan insurance deposit is received, processed and cleared, you will receive information on logging into your loan account. 


Receive your Production Loan Funds

Depending on the loan amount and method selected for receiving your loan funds, you will receive your loan funds within 1 to 10 business days (based on US business days and holidays). Funding is done 7 days a week.

Direct Production Loan Application

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